How old do I have to be to attend the Outback?
Middle School and High School students (Grades 5-12) are allowed to attend the center during our open hours. We ensure that you will be safe while in the center or while attending one of our events.

Parents PLEASE be aware that we have an Open Door policy. Students are allowed to come and go as they please. Talk with your child before dropping them off.

Open/Drop-In Hours: Monday-Friday 2-7 pm
High School only Friday’s 7-10 pm
Saturday & Sundays for special events

Who supervises the teens?
The Outback is staffed by young, vibrant professionals from local communities. Our Outback Director is on staff during Outback OPEN hours during the week. We have a crew of trained staff who oversee Outback Open Hours, teen events and rentals. For events in excess of 100 teens, police officers are hired to assist us. Please visit our staff page to meet our staff.

What does the Outback have to offer?
The Outback has a myriad of activities that attendees can participate in at the center. There are several flat screen TV’s, DVD players, Apple TV to watch movies or stream music videos. There is also a drop down projection system, that can be used for viewing movies or presentations. Downstairs, teens can play ping pong, pool, air hockey, foosball, board games, and X-box and Wii video games, all free of charge during drop-in hours.

Is there a membership and how much does it cost?
Membership is not required. - All New Canaan students between 5th and 12th grade can enjoy the Outback facility free of charge during drop inhours. Special events and classes do have fees. All events and classes and their costs are listed on the program calendar. Scholarships are available for classes/events. Please consult with the Director.

Is the Outback just for teens?
No, the Outback is available to the community to rent for meetings and special events. We also offer programs for parents and community members during the weekday hours and weekends.

Does the Outback offer after school programs?
The Outback offers a variety of afterschool programs that are aimed at engaging a wide range of students. From dance to art to cooking, and many fun social events, the Outback staff tries to appeal all New Canaan teens in some way.

Is food provided at at Teen Center events?
The Outback provides food for special events and programs. On Fridays, there is also a cafe where students can purchase snacks and drinks.

Can my child leave the Outback?
Outback is confident that parents will set rules and limits with their children before they arrive at the Outback. We have an open door policy and cannot restrain students from leaving the building. All special events have a no re-entry policy. If a student leaves the facility, he/she is not allowed to return to the event.

How can I find out if there has been a cancellation or delay of an event?
Please call the center or check our website. The Outback follows the New Canaan Public Schools calendar as well during situations for early dismissal or cancellation of after school events.