Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who supervises the teens?
The Outback Teen Center is staffed by young, vibrant professionals from local communities.  Our experienced Outback Program Director and Teen Coordinator are on staff during Outback OPEN hours, and we have a crew of  trained staff who oversee teen events and rentals.  For events that exceed 100 teens we do hire police officers to assist us.  Please visit this page to meet our staff.

Can anyone come?
All New Canaan public and private middle school and high school teens are welcome.  Students in grades 7-12 can hang out after school from 2pm-6pm Tues. – Thur. and Fri. from 7pm-7pm except during scheduled middle school events.  High School students can hang out the first and third Saturday of each month from 5-10pm.  Priority and free admission is given to our Middle School and High School members. Guests may come if accompanied by a New Canaan teen.  Please see our Code of Conduct.

Is The Outback just for teens?
No, The Outback invites other community organizations (New Canaan Cares, New Canaan YMCA, Greenwich Education Group, and more) to use our facility. The Outback is available to rent for parties and other events.

Does the Outback Teen Center offer after school programs?
The Outback offers a variety of afterschool programs that are aimed at engaging a wide range of students.  From dance to art to technology, and many fun social events, the Outback staff tries to reach all New Canaan teens in some way.

Does the Teen Center have food?
The Teen Center provides food for special events and programs.  There is also a cafe where students can purchase snacks and drinks.  The Outback Kitchen is currently closed for renovations.

Does the Outback have leadership opportunities for middle school teens in 7th/8th grade?
Yes, the Outback has a Middle School Student Governing Board, a leadership group responsible for planning events, programs, and community service projects with the support of adult advisors.  The Outback lets teens hold their own fundraisers at no cost.  (Rules do apply, please contact us for more details.)

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