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The Outback’s Mission:

The Outback, New Canaan Teen Center, Inc., is dedicated to providing a positive and enriching environment in New Canaan where teens are able to relax, socialize, participate in self-directed activities, and have the opportunity to contribute to the community.


Organization Commitment:


1. Provide a safe, comfortable, well-supervised facility where a diverse group of teens may socialize in a positive, alcohol-free and drug-free environment.


2. Foster and encourage teen-managed activities through which teens can develop leadership qualities and interpersonal skills within the Teen Center, as well as the broader community.


3. Deliver the highest-quality programs, activities, and events while maintaining affordability, balance, and equity across grades, genders, and interests.


Organization Goals:


4. Establish outside funding sources, including partial funding and support for sponsored activities; organize and run external fundraising events; supplement funding through revenue generated at the facility; and manage the annual operating and programming expenses of the Teen Center.


5. Recruit, train, develop, and retain a staff of knowledgeable, creative, and responsive people to interact with and supervise Outback users.


6. Explore opportunities to maximize usage of the facility by the community when not in use by the teens.


7. Ensure that the directors and staff are responsible for managerial and operational duties, and that the Student Governing Board is actively engaged in the development and promotion of Outback events and activities.




The Outback is wholly committed to all New Canaan teenagers but serves them in specific and age-appropriate ways. The Teen Center is also a resource for the New Canaan community when usage beyond its primary purpose allows. To maintain a positive atmosphere, Outback activities are geared toward students in grades 9 through 12. Additional programs and activities are dedicated to students in grades 7 and 8. On occasion, special programs are provided for students in grade 6.

Updated by the 2007-2008 Board of Directors on 4/15/08

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