Code of Conduct


The Outback is a place where teenagers can socialize in a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment. Included here is our Code of Conduct; it is a description of what is expected and required of all Outback members.

The Director may revoke eligibility at any time, pending appeal.
Special event eligibility may differ and will be posted with event announcements.
Upon entering, students agree to allow reasonable inspection of their clothing and bags, by the Director or appointed staff member, to ensure that contraband is not brought into the Outback.

DRUGS: Use, possession, sales or distribution of drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.
ALCOHOL: Use or possession of alcohol is prohibited.
TOBACCO: Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the building.
INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: Violence, threatening, harassment, weapon possession, explosive possession, dangerous actions, lewdness, stealing, vandalism, gambling are prohibited.
PROPERTY LOSS: The Outback is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.
INJURY: The Outback is not responsible for personal injury that results from reckless or irresponsible behavior.
INTERPRETATION: The on-site Director or designated staff member in his/her absence has absolute authority to interpret the rules.
PHONE CALLS: Occasional local outgoing calls are allowed. With the exception of a “Family Emergency,” incoming calls for students or calls to relay messages will be discouraged.
DROP OFF/PICK UP: Either on Elm Street where the alley meets the theatre or from the middle parking lot in front of the Outback entrance.
PARKING: Students are encouraged to use the Morse Court and Locust Street lots. Students may also park in the middle or upper lot, but may NOT use the lot behind Town Hall.
NOISE AND LOITERING: Loitering around the outside of The Outback, yelling, honking car horns or playing car stereos loudly are prohibited. Please be considerate of our neighbors.
Members or their guests who are suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to wait in a secure area while the New Canaan Police are called. Parents will be contacted immediately after police. If the situation warrants medical intervention, the New Canaan Ambulance Corps will be notified. All reasonable attempts will be made to ensure no teen suspected of drug and/or alcohol use will be allowed to leave without proper adult supervision.
Members or their guests found to be in possession of drugs, alcohol, explosives and/or weapons will be referred to the police.
During normal hours of operation, members will be permitted to come and leave the Outback at will. The exception will be for some special events where a ‘closed door’ policy may be adopted. A ‘closed door’ policy does not allow re-entry after the initial admission.